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Bagua Map!

Our spaces have energy! A Bagua Map is the tool to help align the energy to what you are looking to upgrade and shift in your life. The bottom of the Bagua Map is the front of your space (home, room, office, rental building).

This is a map to help, but there are many other facets to look at to incorporate the Bagua Map, and to also look at possible missing Gua's! Yep, that's right.....sometimes spaces are missing Gua's. There are many different enhancements and anchors that can be incorporated to bring in the missing Gua's Energy into your life. So it's essential to work with a Feng Shui Consultant to dive in deeper and to help guide you on your journey. I would love to work with you!

Below is a pdf of the Bagua Map for your use!

Bagua Map Enchantments:

• Careers (Change, New, Promotion)

• Relationships (All People within The Space or outside of The Space) Partnerships – business, Family Partnerships, Clients)

• Health & Wellness (Of Everyone within The Space)

• Prosperity & Wealth (Grow & Prosper in all forms of abundance) (more clients & customers)

• Love and Marriage (Align, Call-in, Enhance)

• Reputation & Fame (How You, and all of They are being perceived in The Space – and how can that be upgraded)

• Creativity (Create, Inspiration)

• Children (Conceive, Adoption, Shift behavior)

• Travel (Where to next?)

• Self-Cultivation and Personal Knowledge (Inner Self Care Work, Additional Training & Education)

• Helpful People (People, Teams, Business, Clients, to help and support you)

Bagua Map 1.0 2021
Download PDF • 263KB

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