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All are welcome to come and experience the powerful clearing and transformational energy of conscious circular connected breathing.
The breath is a teacher and connector to truth, deeper connection, letting go, and clarity and so much more!!!

Benefits of Breathwork:
• Calms Mind
• Clarity
• More vitality
• Resets the parasympathetic nervous system - the body’s natural healing process
• Reduces stress, increases energy, aliveness and sense of overall well-being
• Enhances creativity & expression
• Increases one's experience of inner peace & surrender
• Heals past wounds
• Reprograms the body
• Releases stored emotions & memories
• Increases flow, ease, joy and pleasure in life and relationships

About Breathwork {Rebirthing}:
Breathwork {Rebirthing} is a skillful tool that teaches you to gently breathe yourself through tension, pain, drama, fear and trauma, until you reach peace and relaxation. Breathwork heals the breathing mechanism which means people release and heal a big part of “what they were holding on to” and then flow freely in their bodies (physical body, mental-emotional bodies, and energetic body). When we release the breath, we melt the main layers of tension and stress due to past emotional traumas, infancy and birth memories. This experience can be described as an effortless merging of the inhale and exhale; the breathe breathes you. When a person has this experience they will breathe more fully and freely for the rest of their life.

Individual Session:

2+ hours - We'll connect for the first hour, I'll then support you for an hour breathwork session, and process.  I'm available for remote (Zoom or Skype).

Group Circles:

1.5+ - 2+ hours -  I offer various Group Breathwork Circles via Zoom or in person (depending on social distancing / COVID-19 guidelines)

The Group Circles are various rates.  I post the most update Group Circles on Facebook  and can be found here with the details in the event descriptions:

Individual Private Breathwork Session(s)

  • ​2+ hour session

  • Zoom / Skype (remote & Social Distancing

  • In-person / social distancing

    • (Portland, OR ) * Please note this option may not be available.

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